Shane Wolf

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Shane Wolf


Do. Epic. shit.

Nothing less than these three little words constantly drive me further into my unknown.
Enjoy the ride.

Mise en scène

The models arrive, thoughts are exchanged, the stage is ready, clothes are removed. The models propose; the artist observes. We interact. We play. In a flurry it all begins: charcoal, sanguine, paint, graphite…various media thrown about the surface as the models resonate their creative energy. A thousand steps are made, a thousand passes, a thousand marks. We move in unison, all in harmony to the musicality of art.


The Infinite Quest

Always experimenting, always seeking… we must continually be on the hunt, listening to our work, honing our senses to whatever awaits.

The Nude, always from Life

Working from life should be priority number one. It is a bond artists have shared since antiquity. This awesome thread of humanity remains unbroken in the studio, in front of the model, entirely unfiltered, and in our purest state: the Nude.

Shane Wolf - Conversions VII - fusain, sanguine, craie blanche sur papier préparé - 35 x 100 cm - 1500 €


Research is the very foundation of work. From the smallest sketch to the largest monumental painting, every work presents a learning curve. Color scripting, pose research from life and the imagination, value composition, color composition, preparatory drawings, and non-visual research, including reading and studying, are all part of the process.

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