Chengdong Guo

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Chengdong Guo


Born in Shengyang (China). He is graduated of Fine Arts (Versailles – Paris) in France. Dong Chen Guo lives and works in Paris where he is exhibited.

«When I was young, every summer I used to go to my uncle’s in a Mongolia area. He was a shepherd. He owned a horse (like every shepherd in Mongolia) which was more than a simple pet. It was his true friend. My uncle often made me mount, and we rode together. Those were for me unforgettable moments.

At this time, civilization did not reach yet this country. The shepherds lived in a nomadic way, the landscape was intact. Vast plains as far as eyes can see, lakes reflecting the blue of the sky. Now with industrialization, people aren’t riding horses anymore but their 4×4 cars and the famous Mongolian horse became an attraction for tourists. The entire ecosystem is upset. Because of the pollution, there is less rain, the earth dries out, and people are lacking water.

In summer 2006 I returned to this region. I felt the change in the awareness of people, they realized how much civilization had a negative impact on the nature and that the balance between the man and the nature was broken. They now try again to restore this lost link.

I became attached to the representation of the man and the animal, for the importance of its place in the nature today. I want to translate in my work the horse in relation which connects this contemporary world to our natural environment.

Beware of not losing this wealth in a world inclined to damage it. »