Works of the artist



Nushka was born in 1983, she lives and paints in Paris. She graduated from Sciences Politiques Paris and HEC Paris in 2010. She has been painting for over ten years and learnt her technique alongside three renowned painters. She learnt the art of the stroke from the american painter Zawacky, in Detroit.

Maggie Siner then taught her the craft of pigment-mixing and incidentally became a mentor of Nushka’s. When she got back to Paris, Nushka met Hashpa who encouraged her to explore the sensuality of her models as well as the delicate art of composition.

To paint the ideal

Nushka’s life experience explains the duality which is to be found within her work. The contemporary and the classic, american and european traditions, technical mastery and personal style…it all comes together on the canvas.

Nushka is drawn to an eternal topic: the iconic, idealized beauty, distant and out of reach. She then works on veiling it, in order to question the importance of the subject in the very existence of the scene. Nushka is working on the structure of figuration itself: subjects and compositions are only a pretext to the more abstract research that is one’s own presence.

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