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The intrusive vegetation bears testament to the persistence of life

Christian Benoist atelier - 1

Christian Benoist was born in Besançon (France) in 1962. He graduated from Duperré Art School in Paris and went on working as a graphic designer and illustrator for an advertising agency.

In the 1990’s he left the advertising world in order to concentrate solely on his painting.

As time passes

«  I like to observe time leave its mark and transform imperceptibly, year after year, everything that surrounds us. This natural or artificial mutation of places fascinates me. When painting, I project myself in a particular place, imaginary yet absolutely realistic.

It is always about deserted interiors. Widely present, light invades the room and makes up for the void and the decay. Warmth and silence entice you to daydreaming. The intrusive vegetation bears testament to the persistence of life.

These interiors evoke a lost childhood, intimate fantasies, a border between the living and the dead- most of all, they trigger a moment of introspection. My main influences gather the impressionists due to their striking reproduction of light, vibrant and palpable; the symbolists and their dark aesthetic, and finally the surrealists, so keen to make us explore the arcane of the unconscious. »

Christian Benoist