Christophe Rouleaud

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Christophe Rouleaud


Born in 1968, Christophe Rouleaud is a French sculpture.
He works and lives in Paris.

« Speaking about solitude, doubt and love in the shape of figurative character, with Le Couple, Errance, La Chute, Assis, in way more conceptual with Le Cri, Vertige, Le Baiser, or allegorical in the case of Chélonium and La Rencontre.

Atlas and La Haine show the steps of reflection about the human condition and our time; Atlas does not carry any more heavens but the surroundings through which we look at our world, whereas La Haine drew its inspiration from article relating massacre in the area of Alger.

Speaking about world condition and its convulsions, that is about armed conflicts –Le Pont d’Halat, Errebe, Craonne-, about the violence and suburb distress with La Révolte, Gris, or about problems link to environment –La Dernière Danse, Réfugié, Le toit du Monde-
Naufrage synthesizes these themes by transposing the dramatic scenography of body from Radeau de la Méduse (T. Géricault) in a trolley, figure of humanity adrift.

Speaking about what get enthusiastic, by evoking a musician friend, with Le Pianiste, people who get up, with L’Espoir, a sublime dreamer with Don Quichotte, or even the possibility of another world which I persist to believe with Utopie.

Christophe Rouleaud is offering us the mirror of the world. A mirror made of kindness and lucidity. He is diging calmly. He is digging in reactions to the disorders. His humility offers him as much requirement as clear-sightedness.

He sculpts the human, his way to move, to fall, to get up… Antoine Bataille