Nancy Vuylsteke de Laps

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Nancy Vuylsteke de Laps



The Academy of Beaux-art in Bruges is where I started my artistic schooling, but my true calling found its debut in Paris where I have had the chance to be a student of Noorzadé Brener.
She herself studied with Ossip Zadkine who had his atelier in Montparnasse, Paris .

It is with Noorzadé that I learned to express that what human beings have most, mystery.
Noorzadé taught her students to learn only through observation and comparaison. The sculpture is a body , or lesson of live, and just needs to transcript, and translate the truth of its form.
The heart is the most essentiel part.
Through my work I try to bring life to art, and art to live.

A secret cry, soul and spirit of mankind, an emotion a light a souvenir.
The human being wants to keep back feelings strength and power.
To go beyond réflection reinvent a new world for space to becomes tactile and visuel.
To discover the key to truth one must observe.

To create a silent work of art, to make sure it contains a mystery, a secret enigma and therefore find the key to discover the truth.

To create through our research and questions, simply… humanity.