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Looking for The ideal painting

Nicolas Martin atelier matt guegan

As he says, the artist is at war and is always looking for The ideal painting.

Nicolas Martin uses as model the forms of reality to lead eye to an illusion that the true of move becomes a poetic reality. Nicolas Martin freezes the instant and puts down it in the time, going towards suggestion instead of enumeration. To overshadow all features of preliminary construction, he works area by area and then in its entirety, researching in the freedom of his painting the perfect pictural balance to easily turn one’s gaze on.

Delicaty, lightness but also strength, emotion and vibration, his palette is though and his compositions ended up. The artist like to put in danger and is fond of the delicate production with very personal atmosphere, leaving spectator enters in its own universe to give his.

In his stylistic research, nothing is over before the end and the questioning stays here. It is the reason why his current work is never visible. Realist and contemporary, painting of Nicolas Martin capture the expression with many intensity and complexity of his movement. The moment captured leave the glance the freedom of interpretation. The painting is deep, subtle and authentic.

Nicolas Martin atelier studio