Eric Roux Fontaine’s new Art book now available!

21 February 2020
eric leroux livre neverlandscape - 1


Eric Roux Fontaine invites us on a Geo-poetic journey through his landscapes from nowhere.

At a time when the earth is losing the north, it is believed to the west, it is actually south of nowhere. Like the first cartographers who slipped into their maps an imaginary place, a way of marking their creation under the sign of secrecy, Eric Roux Fontaine takes us into his inner geography, somewhere under the anthropic of the capricorn. He first traveled the metaphysical spaces of the jungles, installed his brushes at the margins, “sift the world” in quick sketches, before reconstructing his own in the silence of the workshop. Here the moons hide in the heart of theaters abandoned in the jungle, we can see a secret passage to slide behind the scenes of the Anthropocene, where the winds change into hurricanes, nature is human while men remain silent , poetic change is underway….


eric roux fontaine loeil du prince

120 reproductions de tableaux
165 pages – format 30 x 30 cm
Préface de Salvator Lombardo
Textes du romancier Jean-Paul Delfino, Laurent Benoist, Pierre Vavasseur et Damien Chantrenne

prix public : 35 € à la galerie ( + 10 € pour une expédition en France )
ISBN 9791069947139