Olga Krimon’s beautiful nude

21 February 2020
olga krimon nude torso

I am fascinated with the human body

The subtleties of the skin tones, the edges created by the turning forms and by the structure underneath.  The warm/cool relationships.  In this painting, I wanted to express a feeling of a figure without being too literal.  It’s real and palpable, yet it borders abstraction.  It’s real because the rendering of everything around it is so abstract.  It’s abstracted even from a head (I really didn’t need the head here, it was not about the likeness).  I felt free to explore and sculpt a body out of strokes.  It was liberating.  How far to go so that it remains fresh, how to create reality without making it too realistic, how to create a feeling of a body that is about to move rather than being frozen in space.  How to play with the subtleties of of the skin tones without making them flat, how to create warmth and yet use cooler palette.  I loved creating this piece.